Potomac Electric Building
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Vacuum Metrology inc . occupies the Engineering Building in the historical Sturtevant Manufacturing Plant, located in Boston, Massachusetts. The plant, renowned for the invention and manufacture of electrical fans and airplanes, has a history spanning 130  years.  The following websites, created by historians, offer detailed information on the history of the plant.


Massachusetts Aviation Historical Society- Sturtevant

The first American  airplane specifically designed for battle was prototyped  in our building. During its heyday, over 3,000 people worked at the plant. Today, keeping the spirit of innovation  we make state of the art machines that automatically calibrate pressure gages used in airspace,  biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.

Vacuum Metrology  is  proud to keep the manufacturing tradition of Boston alive!

Our company was founded in 2008  We are the only company in the world that offers fully automatic pressure  gage calibration system with high resolution and accuracty

Vacuum Metrology  is in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard for the design and manufacture of high performance, precise equipment for industrial, aerospace  and military markets.